The Primary Hearing Centre at Kingsley Primary Academy

The Primary Hearing Centre is based at Kingsley Primary Academy.  Deaf children from all over Croydon and some neighbouring boroughs come to the Centre for specialist teaching and support.  The Centre children spend time working with their qualified teachers of the deaf and specialist teaching assistants both in the Centre in acoustically treated classrooms and in main school classes. Everyone from the Centre is part of the Kingsley School community and we all learn together. The Centre is part of the centrally funded Croydon Sensory Support Service.

Some of the Children at the Centre use sign language to communicate, if you would like to be part of our sign club or signing choir, please come and join us. 

We have some lovely pictures of the children and staff in our Photo Gallery which you can also access by clicking this link : Photo Gallery 

Useful Links to other agencies for parents/carers can be found on the link below
Useful information on other agencies 

If you would like to know more about the centre please contact the academy.