Packed Lunch Guidelines

Please remember that children’s packed lunches must provide a substantial midday meal rather than one based around chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy/flavoured drinks which are all NOT allowed in the children’s packed lunch. So that parents may monitor their children’s welfare, any uneaten food in packed lunches will be sent home at the end of the day.

Please note that lunches containing any form of nuts are also not permitted due to the fact that some children have potentially serious nut allergies. If a child has food in their lunch box
that is not permitted you will be informed and asked not to send this in again for their lunch.

All children, whether taking school lunch or packed lunch, have access to water so there is no need for a drink in their packed lunch. If you would prefer to send a drink, then only still bottled water is allowed.

You may find the Lunchbox Tips & Ideas we have put together will help you with ideas for a healthy pack lunch. Click here to read.

Under the Fruit for Schools scheme, all children under seven (Nursery to Year 2)  receive some fruit each day. We also encourage the junior children (Year 3 – Year 6) to bring in a piece of fruit to eat at morning break.