For Parents

Parents and the School

We hope that parents will share our belief that the school and parents have a shared responsibility in educating the children. Our aim is to achieve an honest and productive partnership with you, which is dependant on understanding and goodwill from both sides.

We welcome offers of help in the classroom, but not in your own child’s class, as this can be distracting for the child. We are also pleased to see you at times of celebration. The children greatly appreciate your presence at these events.

Open evenings are held three times during the school year when you are given the opportunity to see aspects of your child's work and to discuss his/her progress with the teacher. You will receive a written report at the end of each school year. If you are worried about your child at any time, please speak to the teacher straight away so that we can sort out any difficulties together. If we are concerned about your child's learning, we will of course tell you about our worries, and seek your co-operation in helping your child to overcome his/her difficulty.

It is not always convenient for the teachers to see parents before school, as they are involved with organising the learning for their class. Please arrange a mutually convenient appointment with the class teacher; if this is not possible an appointment may be made with the year group leader. Should these meetings not meet with your satisfaction, an appointment may be made with our Headteacher Miss Haywood who is usually available between 8.30 -  9.30 a.m. or 3.00 - 4.00 p.m.

We would prefer not to discuss any aspect of the child's behaviour or progress in front of him/her unless we feel it to be beneficial.

You can always leave a message for the class teacher with the Secretary or the Headteacher; However if the matter is urgent, call in anytime and we will do our best to see you. Remember, you do not have to wait for an invitation to come into school. We hope that you will feel that you, as well as your children, belong in the school, and that you will visit us as often as you can.

If we can develop a true partnership between home and school we will have begun a relationship from which your children will gain benefit for the rest of their school lives.

The school is a non-smoking site, which means smoking is not permitted anywhere in the school grounds.

No dogs are allowed through the school gates.