We aim for a positive class and school environment by encouraging:-

  • Self control/self discipline
  • Accountability for one’s own behaviour
  • Respect for others’ rights and acknowledge our own responsibilities
  • Fair and honest treatment
  • A co-operative classroom/school atmosphere

Our agreed rules give everybody in our school rights:

A treatment right:  the right to receive respect from others, to be treated fairly and equally, regardless of religion, culture, race, gender or ability.

A learning right:  the right to learn in our room, to co-operate with each other – within this, the right for the teacher to teach and for the pupil to have the teachers attention and assistance.

A safety right:  the right to be free from intimidation in school and classroom, to be safe and secure, and to have property protected.

A movement right:   the right to move about the classroom and school at certain times and in a certain manner.

A communication right:   the right to express oneself, share ideas and ask questions.

A problem-solving right:  the right to expect rational settlement of problems and to be able to tell our side of the story in a dispute.

Rights are never enjoyed automatically.

We all share the responsibility to ensure this will happen.

To support these rights we need to plan how we can react to unacceptable behaviour, differentiate strategies, rewards and consequences so that our actions are appropriate and consistent. 

Our Behaviour Policy provides details of our strategies, rewards and consequences.