Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality to school are extremely important. The attendance team take pride in ensuring that attendance and punctuality are taken seriously here at Kingsley. They work closely with the children and parents supporting families to ensure that we meet or exceed the Government target for attendance of 97%.

Over the course of the last 2 years we have  introduced a number of initiatives to motivate the children and to get the parents on board. 


Attendance Disco's

Our current initiative to encourage excellent attendance and punctuality are the attendance disco's. Two discos will run Reception and KS1 on Wednesday 13th December and KS2 on Thursday 14th December. All children with excellent attendance and punctuality from 6th November 2017 - 11th December 2017 will get the chance to attend. 

The attendance team look forward to a packed hall on both days with lots of children having fun!

Click here for the poster with all the details.


Attendance Mini League

Each class were in competition with each other across their year group to have the best attendance and punctuality to school.

How the league worked
Every week each class was awarded 10 goals. For every child absent (not for medical reasons) the class lost a goal, if 5 or more children were late that week the class lost a goal.


Each half term the winning class in each year was awarded the Attendance Mini League Cup  – the idea being to encourage team work within the class.

The winners of the Attendance Mini League Cup were League Champions for the next half term and the whole class were awarded smilieys.

The attendance team enjoyed going round the classes telling them all the scores and encouraging and cheering them to try and beat the other classes in their year.  The cup was presented in assembly and parents of the winning class were invited to in so that everyone could clap and cheer along with the children – after all the children can’t do it without parent/carer  help.

Attendance Lunches

KS1 Competition – Lunch with the Attendance Mascots:  Attendance Hippo Annie and Punctuality Hippo Pete

In our previous initiative we told the children all about our new competition and Annie and Pete went round to meet all the children.

They were most excited to meet Annie and Pete and about the prospect of winning lunch with the Hippo’s. 

So how did it work...

Every child that was in 100% AND on time every day that half term had their name put into a hat, we drew the names of 4 children from each year group to have a special lunch with the Hippo’s.




KS2 Competition – Posh Nosh lunch

For KS2 we wanted something a little more grown up so they had a Posh Nosh lunch. Like the KS1 competition all the children with 100% attendance AND who arrived to school on time were put into a draw. There was be 3 winners from each year group.

The winners  had lunch at a table laid out as if they were at a restaurant with the added bonus of having Mrs Brooks-Enver and Miss Vaciannia as their waitresses, bringing them their food and ensuring their glasses are always topped up.  

All the children really got on board and these initiatives have really helped make the business of attending and getting to school on time fun and rewarding for all.